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More Information About Wood Floors

Find in-depth information about a variety of subjects regarding wood flooring.



Wood Floors Improve Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that nearly one in four Americans suffers from asthma and/or allergies? According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, that represents 60 million people in the United States alone. A study conducted by Harris Interactive indicated that the vast majority of US homeowners believe that their family's health is directly related to the cleanliness of their floors. The same study indicated that of all the flooring alternatives available, the majority of homeowners believe that wood floors are most effective at improving indoor air quality.


Installations Methods Vary

When most people think about installing wood floors, they envision a hammer and nails. The reality, however, is that there are several options available for installing wood floors, including nail down, glue down and floating floor techniques.


The Green Flooring Alternative

As environmental threats continue to dominate headlines, many eco-conscious consumers are looking for ways to make a difference. When it comes to flooring options, wood floors offer the most ecologically sound alternative.


Wood Floors: Natural Beauty that Changes Over Time

Wood floors are one of the few flooring options that become more beautiful with age. Their color is dynamic and may experience subtle changes.


Dust Containment Systems Minimize Installation Mess

Are you hesitant to install new wood floors, or refinish the ones you already have, because of the mess to your home? Dust containment systems can provide a solution for that.


Importance of Job Site Preparation & Acclimation

Your contractor's priority is to make sure job site conditions are acceptable for the installation of your flooring.


US Senate Recognizes Hardwood as Green

The United States Senate passed a resolution in 2010 supporting hardwood by recognizing it as an environmentally preferable building material.


Wood Floors Meet Government Standards for Sustainability

One of the big movements in the construction industry right now is green building. Architects and designers are working to implement green building practices in their projects whenever possible. Wood floors are a building product that is recognized as a green building material.


NWFA Adopts Environmental Policy

The National Wood Flooring Association has adopted an Environmental Policy to formalize its commitment to environmentally friendly industry practices.


American Hardwood Proves Its Sustainability

American hardwoods offer warmth, durability, luxury, and design options that are unmatched by faux-wood products. American hardwood products are also a proven environmentally sustainable resource.


Study Shows Wood Flooring Is Environmentally Sound

If you are looking for products for your home that will reduce your impact on the environment, look no further than real wood floors. Wood flooring is a flooring option that has little impact on the environment in terms of raw materials and in terms of the natural resources required to harvest the trees and manufacture the lumber into a finished product.


Wood Floors Are Recyclable

Drive through any neighborhood on trash day and you will see that most homes in the United States recycle. In some areas, recycling accounts for more volume than trash pick-up, which is a good thing. Recycling helps to reduce global warming as resources are reused, which not only eliminates landfill waste, but also minimizes the natural resources required to manufacture new materials as opposed to reusing those that already exist.


Wood Floors Are Carbon Neutral

Despite their bad rap, greenhouse gases are essential to life on Earth. These gases work in the Earth's atmosphere to trap heat and warm our planet, which is essential for plant and animal life. But just like anything else, too much of a good thing can be harmful.


Protecting Forests is a Priority for the Wood Flooring Industry

A lot of focus has been directed toward the destruction of the world's forests during the past few decades. Deforestation is happening with alarming frequency. Millions of acres of forest land are harvested illegally throughout the world every year, which contributes significantly to global warming and the destruction of wildlife habitat.


Beware of Greenwashing

It seems that everywhere you turn, someone is claiming that their product is "green." The problem is that many of these claims can be misleading, and environmentalists have coined a term to describe this process: "greenwashing." Basically, greenwashing is claiming a product is environmentally friendly when it is not.


Concerned About Lead Paint?  Wood Flooring Contractors Aren't!

Do you live in a home built before 1978? If so, important legislation was implemented in April of 2010 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that impacts you when renovating your home.


Wood Flooring: The Greenest Option for Your Home

Public awareness of environmental issues is at an all-time high and consumers are doing their part by choosing products that have a minimal impact on the environment. As consumers become more ecologically conscious, they are demanding the use of sustainable and renewable building products in their homes and businesses.


Regulations Help to Keep Wood Viable

NWFA's Responsible Procurement Program promotes the sustainability of wood and FSC certified land. Learn how NWFA is working to uphold environmental standards.


Wood Flooring Minimizes Raw Material Waste

One of the biggest environmental benefits wood floors offer is that they are made from a renewable resource: trees. In fact, in the United States, the standing volume of hardwood trees is actually increasing from year to year.


Wood Flooring is Best Choice for Eco-Minded Consumer

If you're looking for green products for your home or business, only one flooring option available on the market today comes from a renewable resource - wood flooring. Trees are a raw material that can be harvested and replanted to replenish forests time and time again.


Wood Floors Last a Lifetime

Wood floors are the most environmentally friendly flooring option available. Scientific evidence proves they use less energy and water to produce than other flooring alternatives, and that they come from a renewable natural resource - trees.


Wood Floors Over Radiant Heat Reduce Carbon Footprint

Radiant heat offers an alternative to traditional forced air heating because the heating source is installed under flooring and transfers heat directly from the floor to the individual, which is a more-efficient means of maintaining a comfortable room temperature.


Wood Flooring Finishes Are Environmentally Safe

You've spent weeks working with a wood flooring professional to select the right wood for your home, but did you know that selecting the finish for your floor is as important as the flooring you choose?


NWFA’s FSC Procurement Group Secures 12,000 Certified Acres

The National Wood Flooring Association's FSC Procurement Group recently worked with the White Wood Timber Group to certify 12,000 acres of forest land through the Forest Stewardship Council.


NWFA Accepted Product Seal Helps Ensure Confidence

The NWFA Accepted Product Seal program identifies wood flooring and wood flooring products that meet established industry standards for performance.


NWFA Participates in Hardwood Federation Fly-In

The National Wood Flooring Association recently participated in the Hardwood Federation's annual Fly-In to Washington, DC, October 4-5.


NWFA’s Responsible Procurement Program Now Features Customized Entry Support

In an effort to make entry into the program more streamlined and user friendly for wood flooring manufacturers that practice responsible forestry, the NWFA enhanced its certification process for its Responsible Procurement Program.


American Hardwood Floors are Sustainable Resource

From flooring and cabinetry to moulding and furniture, American hardwoods have been treasured for generations, and for good reason.


Wood Flooring Waste Materials Provide Heating Source

It has been a long-standing environmental trend that wood flooring producers use nearly all of their waste materials as an energy source for their plants. Now, they have found a way to make these materials a useful, economical, and environmentally friendly heating source for consumers as well.

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