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Cypress Species 

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Species - Imported

Top portion is finished with water-base finish; bottom with oil-based finish


Color: Cream-colored sapwood; heartwood is honey-gold to brown with darker knots throughout.

Grain:  Closed.

Variations:  High degree of color variability.


Sawing/Machining: Good machining qualities.

Sanding: Tendency to clog paper due to high resin content. Hardplating & screening may leave swirls; screening more than twice may be necessary. The knots are extremely hard & may cause wave in the floor. a 12-by-18 inch oscillating sander is recommended as the

Nailing: Can be brittle (like Brazilian cherry); splits easily.

Finishing: Knots may cause drying problems with some finishes.
Comments Potential for respiratory/allergic reactions. Origin: Australia


Hardness/Janka: Janka:1375; (7% harder than Northern red oak.

Dimensional Stability: Excellent (change coefficient .00162; 56% more stable than red oak). However, actual installations have demonstrated significant movement in use.

Durability: Excellent (2.8; 67% more stable than Northern red oak). However, actual installations have demonstrated significant movement

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