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Wood floors are an investment that increases the value of your home. Just like your plumbing or electrical needs, you should look to a professional to help you maintain that investment.

The wood floors you choose today will last for generations, so you want to make sure that the wood flooring professional you choose has access to the latest industry information to provide you with high-quality results. By choosing a member of the NWFA, you can be certain that he or she has the technical information needed to deliver a beautiful wood floor that will last for the lifetime of your home.



If an issue arises with your newly installed wood flooring, first call the company that installed it. If an agreement cannot be reached, contact an NWFA Certified Professional Inspector who has specialized training to conduct wood flooring inspections.


Looking for a quick and easy guide to wood floor selection? We've got everything you need in one easy guide. View it here.


The Hardwood Floors Resource Book has all your wood flooring needs.

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