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Jarrah Species 

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Species - Imported

Top portion is finished with water-base finish; bottom with oil-based finish


Color:  Heartwood is uniformly pinkish to dark red, often a rich, dark red mahogany hue, turning a deep brownish red with age and exposure; sapwood is pale. Frequent black streaks with occasional ingrown grain.

Grain:  Frequently interlocked or wavy. Texture is even and moderately coarse.

Variations:  Moderate to high color variation


Sawing/Machining: Difficult to work because of high density and irregular grain; carbide tooling recommended.

Sanding: Sands well, but dust can stain fabric and wall treatments.

Nailing: No known problems.

Finishing: Red color can bleed into some finishes - a problem when mixing species.
Comments Resistant to termites and fungus. Origin: Australia


Hardness/Janka: 1910; (48% harder than Northern red oak).

Dimensional Stability:Below average (11.0; 28% less stable than Northern red oak).

Durability: Availability

Moderately available.

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