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Mesquite Species 

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Species - Domestic

Top portion is finished with water-base finish; bottom with oil-based finish


Color: Light brown to dark reddish brown.

Grain: High in character, with ingrown bark and mineral streaks. Most commonly used in flooring as end-grain block, which has small irregular cracks radiating across the grain.

Variations Within Species And Grades: One grade; moderate color variations.


Sawing/Machining: Very good machining qualities.

Sanding: Plain sawn can be sanded to a smooth surface. End-grain requires a coarser abrasive to flatten; it is recommended that it be flattened by sanding at a 45-degree angle to the grain.

Nailing: Splits tongues easily.

Finishing: No known problems.

Comments End-grain block usage results in a hard, high-wear surface. Produces only shorter-length boards.


Hardness/Janka: Janka: 2345; (82% HARDER than Northern red oak).

Dimensional Stability: Excellent (3.2; 63% more stable than Northern red oak).

Durability: Availability

Origin: North America

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